Stefan Dinca

I’m a graphic artist from Bucharest, Romania, working in the game industry. I’m passionate about games, gadgets and beautiful UI. I have a background in advertising and a solid understanding app & game development. SCRUM & Agile trained, I work well under pressure but even better in as part of a team.

What I Do


Every design starts with a healthy dose of research. Knowing what's been done before can set up a project for a great start. Mood boards, picking elements, remixing and giving them new context helps set the tone and drive the design forward.


I wear many hats: I automate, script, create wireframes, visual targets, interaction demos and implement assets in the production pipeline. I present solutions and offer improvements to the way we collaborate. The project dictates what tools I need to work with and what I need to achieve to drive it forward.

Ask questions

I uncover problems by breaking things apart and putting them back together. I'm constantly on the look out for issues and anticipate them before they become a hindrance.

Solve problems

I mix User Experience and Interface Design to bring forward a final product that not only looks good, regardless of aspect ratios or resolution, but works even better. There's no style over function. In the end things need to look good and perform just as well.

Latest Games

Proud to say that you can see some of my work in these games:

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