2014, Black Bear Studios
UFOS Attack was originally developed in a 12-hour time-frame for EA Codewars game jam. I was responsible for creating the assets, animations and special effects. Teaming up with S. Rizea (code), we took the grand prize home with this fun mobile game.
The main mechanic uses the multi-touch capabilities of today's mobile devices. By using two finger to create a laser beam between them and destroy the invading aliens and saving Planet Earth, once again.

The main challenge was keeping everything simple enough to be able to finish in the short time-frame, but complex and scalable enough to be further developed once the game jam was over. New game elements and mechanics have been added since then and the project is now in the pre-alpha stage of development.

Graphics were done in Photoshop and Illustrator, while code was in Flash (Action Script 3) and is now being ported in C#. Scroll down to see a gameplay video (pre-alpha) and some screenshots and artwork.