UI test #2
Burn Rubber
Mobile UI/UX
Design the landing page for a racing game for mobile devices:

The game runs in portrait mode

Elements of the screen:

- Racing Leaderboards
- Go to garage (in garage you can change, tune and customize the vehicles)
- Go to Shop
- Go to Racing Club page (a racing club is like the clan from Clash Royale)
- Go to Shop
- Player Info
- Daily Reward info
- Soft and hard currencies amounts

Note: Because of the short deadline and all the things I wanted to do, I might have failed to ask some important questions (like clarifying what "landing page" means - i just thought of a main menu system), some elements might be misaligned and some UX systems could be reworked better. For example, in the "Daily rewards screen", instead of using a "Dismiss" button (which just clears the reward) we could use a "save reward" system that adds all the rewards up every (consecutive) day. The player can then redeem 5-6 days worth of rewards + a special bonus, but if he fails to log in one day, he looses what he saved up until that point.

Overall layout of elements and their function.

Visual references

Used visual references from racing games that used simple UI elements (GRID, Forza Motorsport, Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo), but also some mobile profile page and dashboard designs.

Final designs.
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Animation mock-up: