Gwent card redesign
Gwent card redesign
The design style of the cards inside Gwent (the standalone version) is very different from the Gwent game inside the Witcher 3. I drew inspiration from both versions but I've kept kind of the same layout for the card because I think it's really well done but I did try to create my own graphic style for the cards.
Below is a rough wireframe for new normal unit gwent card design. I just sketched out the placement of the elements and did not deal with their final size or position.
The final design for the unit and hero cards plus the back of the card showing a it belongs to the Scoia’tael faction.
Icons for the range of the cards and a special ability.
The Unit card contains all the necessary elements of a card: power, row, special ability, faction, name and flavor text.
I've also realized that both Gwent games use different design versions for the cards. One full size design when previewing a card before playing it or zooming in and one simplified version of the cards already played.

Using the full size design when playing a card on the board would make it unreadeble and making a bigger version of the simplified version would look a bit ugly with the huge icons on it and no other information. So I decided to design both versions.
The simplified version only contains strictly necessary information (power, row, ability and maybe faction) while the full size version offers more details about the card.
As with the normal unit card, the Hero card also has a simplified version. I differentiated the hero card from normal unit cards by the color of the border (only hero cards would have a golden border) and the design of the card name element, with the golden elements around it.

Since the simplified version would not have the card name element, I also added a golden banner to both versions to be more obvious that its a hero card. The golden color would be reserved for hero cards, since they don't usually belong to any faction and all the other unit cards could be different colors (green, blue, black, purple etc).
A simulation of how the simplified versions of the cards look when played.
Redrawing cards (or zooming in) at the begining of the game, showing the full version of the cards.