About me
I’m a graphic artist from Bucharest, Romania, working in the game industry.
I’m passionate about games, gadgets and beautiful UI. I have a strong background in advertising and a solid understanding app & game development.



Electronic Arts

Associate Interface Designer


Responsible with creating and managing assets and content for the live version of FIFA 18.


UI Artist\UX Designer


Creating UI assets, mockups, wireframes, UI animation and user flows through mobile games. Optimizing textures and animations to fit the engine constraints while keeping a high-quality and consistent look.


Visual Designer


Working with prototypes, building UI elements and data visualization solutions for big-business management software.

Electronic Arts (EA)

UI Artist


Responsabilities included creating wireframes, mock-ups, animations, demos, visual-targets, user-flow, icons, game screens and final polished artwork for Need for Speed (2015)

Black Bear Studios

Producer, Graphic Artist


Responsible for creating assets, animations, game screens, visual targets and special effects for several game-jam winning games.


Senior Art Director


My responsibilities at Wunderman included creating storyboards, concepts for campaigns, artwork for Facebook apps, large print projects, store branding, banner ads, video editing and many more.

Yahoo! Romania

Flash Animator/Designer


Created flash animations, banner ads and special format-ads for digital advertising campaigns. Also created animation templates for ChargeAds.

Ogilvy Interactive

Digital Art Director


Responsible for creating marketing assets for digital campaigns including: banner ads, landing page graphics and newsletter graphics and localization.


Flash Developer


Responsible for creating interactive lessons for middle-school, high-school and university students, implementing art and following a specific script for each lesson in math, geography, physics, history, biology and others.

Key Skills

Fluent in English with strong communication skills

Familiar with Agile/Scrum development framework

Fluent in Adobe Creative Suite

Able to design and implement Landing Pages and Websites

Knowledge of both art, 2d animation and programming

Proficient at creating banner-ads in both standard and special formats

Ability to create wireframes, prototype and demonstrate features quickly

Fast learner. Adaptive and curious about new technologies.

Solid background in advertising agencies both big and small

Experience with both digital campaigns, BTL and ATL

Solid understanding of games & application development processes.

Experience with data-driven programming

Won two major gamejams (EA and Ubisoft)

Experience with several game engines

Technical Skills

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Flash


Adobe After Effects


Adobe InDesign


Adobe Acrobat X










ActionScript 2


ActionScript 3


Data-driven Programming


Object Oriented Programming


3DS Max













Guy Levin

Development Director, Electronic Arts

Stefan has worked as a UI artist in my team at EA for around 1 year in which he participated in the work on the Need for Speed franchise. In his capacity as UI artist Stefan has designed and executed numerous menu screens and HUD elements, contributing both his original ideas and executing and iterating on existing designs. Stefan has shown himself, throughout, as very open to discussion, guidance and team effort, and has demonstrated care for product quality

Denissa Scutaru

Senior PR, Wunderman

Stefan's creative skills as Art Director are highly appreciated in Wunderman's agency. Some of Stefan's strengths are his graphic design skills, his "artist's perspective" but also his responsibility for the projects. Stefan is a very pleasant person to work with and has a lot of practical hands-on web experience. I was surprised to find out he won an Electronic Arts contest and another plus for him is that he has a solid understanding of popular games and their art direction. He would make a great addition to any team.

Adrian Rusu

Art Director, McCann

I've been working with Stefan for two years. First of all I was surprised about his various type of skills that can make him able to finish a big project on his own. From free hand drawing to digital complex graphics and development. Stefan mixes in a perfect way his artistic talent with theoretical implementation skills. In this period we established a relationship of trust and commitment and Stefan proved that he is an important pillar in our team.

Andrei Gherghe

Owner, Bizsign

When I first met Stefan, he was seventeen and so ambitious to learn and work that I actually had problems sending him home from the office to study for school. This attitude helped him achieve all his goals up to now: from getting specialized in applications and languages for programming and design, to working on some of the coolest projects in this area, at some of the biggest agencies in the branch. Just can't wait to complete this recommendation with details about his career abroad.

Sorin Rizea

Technical Artist, Electronic Arts

I am writing this letter to recommend Stefan Dinca for the position of Graphical Artist. I have known Stefan for many years and have worked closely with him in different companies and a variety of projects and each time he has always manage to impress and deliver on time with his art and designs.

Our most recent collaboration was working for the Ghost Romania studio of international video game giant EA Games on the 2015 instalment of the hit racing franchise Need for Speed. My role as Technical Artist on the project and Stefan’s role as UI Artist meant we had to closely collaborate to deliver a AAA quality product.

During the development process Stefan proved himself time and time again by first producing a variety of different mock-ups for the various interface of the game, then once a candidate was chosen he surprised us with the final result after iterating and perfecting each element of the design. He however did not provide only still designs, since gaming is a very dynamic field, he also provided animated visuals made in After Effects and Adobe Flash which is always a great plus when you’re trying to present a design to a team since it helps people better understand the proposed concept.

Stefan is also a very technical person, which is always a valuable asset for a designer since he understands the limitations he has to work in and the performance demands a more complexly designed feature could pose. This was highlighted by the fact that Stefan not only made the designs for UI in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator but he also helped export and implement them, adding behavioural logic and animations to make his designs come to life. From my previous work with Stefan I know that his skills as an animator are also quite impressive, working on numerous digital media, e-learning and mobile game projects. Two such projects we’ve collaborated on, where Stefan assumed the role of animator/graphics artist, were the 2014 EA Code Wars and 2015 Ubisoft Game Jam. Both were indie game development hackathons, where time was short and competition was fierce but we manage to win both of these contests with the games we created.

The win was due, not in small part, to the great design concepts, assets and animations produced by Stefan on a very short time. The EA competition was an international contest, and after winning the local edition the game went on to win the International Grand Prize. So it’s no surprise that based on my excellent and successful work experience and collaboration with Stefan Dinca I’d gladly recommend him for any position that implies Graphic Arts, Design or Animation and Motion Design. He is a very talented, creative and passionate person and I am sure he will make a valuable addition to your team.
Latest projects
If you'd like to know more about me, feel free to get in touch with me at stefan@stefandinca.ro